10 Things You Should Know Before Buying Life Insurance


so in our last episode i discussed how multi-millionaires use this widely used but rarely discussed financial vehicle and financial tool called life insurance to help them build not only their wealth but also their businesses and i promise you in this episode let me share with you how i’ve got case studies i’ve got some data

points i got some figures to show you how the government just loves these type of strategies so stay tuned grab your notes because i’m bringing it to you here in this episode of the seven figure squad happening right now

what’s cracking everybody money smart guy master paul here hailing to you from the seven figure squad studio here in oak brook terrace Illinois uh before i begin guys if you haven’t done so already if you’re watching this on facebook make sure you click like follow our business page so therefore we

can start helping you think like a millionaire i’ll be strategized like a millionaire so therefore you can become a first generation cash flow millionaire if you’re watching that youtube make sure you click subscribe hit notifications be alerted the next time we upload our next episode okay so listen i’ve had

the rare the very rare experience of being in business and being inside the insurance engine being in one one industry for 21 years i started my career in insurance industry at 24 years old and today i’m 46 years old about to turn 47 i had the

experience and timeline of being over two decades in this industry and a lot of lots of times people say man i got these ideas got these thoughts and you know put your money here put your money there i got these ideas in this i get the id ideas on that and here’s what I discovered here’s what i discovered i

just stayed with one thing for 21 years a lot of people tried to distract me to do other things with my money how to do other things in my career focus my attention in other areas but I found one thing 21 years and one thing and this is the industry i’ve made my millions in  and oftentimes i’ve seen you know banks when i when when hard times hit crumbled when i’ve seen a a real estate uh everything’s great during great times but valentine’s i’ve seen things like

401k plans and iras great ones great times but tough times here here’s what i discovered come over here real quick so here here’s what here’s what i discovered if you want to build your financial house i’m giving i’m going to give you an illustrator in a second but if you want to build your financial house

the first thing you got to build it on is solid ground in this case a brick not on paper people on paper were millionaires people on paper a net worth they had to wait for the economy the economy changed boom the wealth was gone but no if you want to build your wealth your financial you got to build it on salary ground based on principles and values values and principles what do you stand for

oftentimes i see so many people chasing the dollar too fast too soon get rich quick next thing with  burnout if they’re on drugs or on alcohol they’re in addictions because they have to deal with the stresses of the job but you want to build your financial house

boom values and principles what do you stand for and oftentimes i think you know what sometimes uh sometimes a lot of good things happen with time not in six months not in 12 months not in two years not in five years certain things just happen with time i’ve had my ups and downs up downs but i’m so glad at least from a financial perspective that once i decided to build

my financial home on this financial tool called life insurance no matter what happened no matter what happened my financial house stood solid and people are wondering how much do I believe in it well this is the reason why i have a ton of life insurance I showed in the last video well matt is it one type of insurance I got various types of insurance just not

one policy i started with 150 policy when i was 24 25 years old i started graduating about different styles i would discuss here in a second but listen let’s let’s take a quick uh uh an idea here i want to share with you something show a quick drawing oftentimes people want to build a financial house right the first thing they do is put money inside 401ks okay why because is that the job 401ks iras now they want to buy

now they want to buy a home right now they want to buy a home an actual house piece of real estate why because the way to create wealth in our country is through real estate ownership that’s a that’s a that’s a what a lot of people try to tell you to do get your credit rights right get your finances right get your money inside your phone okay max out


your 401 k put all your money inside 401k buy  yourself a house next you know 30 40 years you’ll be rich listen it doesn’t take too far long ago to realize that in 0809 just 10 11 years ago this house here crumbled and then the sad part about this and then that’s when people want to buy life insurance

and if this is your house and the winds of life come blowing by and put stresses on it says what happens to this house this house crumbles so here’s how you should build your financial house it should start with insurance that’s the solid ground when when the when the hits the fan you got life insurance to build to build

from and by the way life insurance isn’t just for dying i’ll give you an example here in a second and then you start building your 401k plan your iras right you start building your savings your investments and then then buy your real estate oftentimes people get it all twisted all around and then then other things

you want to add you want to get fancy  with it through throw bitcoin throw forex those stocks bonds and mutual funds outside of your 401k and ira gold silver the first thing you build it on is insurance so some by the way somebody i’ve got all the pundits right now i know watching this video oh no i wouldn’t do it that way i wouldn’t do it that way listen

i’ve got the experience you have 21 years 21 years i’ve seen what has worked and when it hasn’t worked  you guys got theory a lot of people watching this video right now you got theory i got 21 years of actually being in the i’ve seen all this stuff you got your hypotheticals in your theories but you haven’t lived through it

see the difference between being smart and being wise listen smart is tested through experiences smart is tested through time a lot of people are smart but they haven’t tested it through time you’re smart your theory but you haven’t proven that theory through

the worst of times i’m here to tell you man i’m one of those rare guys that have stood the test list i can’t tell you if i go to my in my uh business cards i can’t tell you how many real estate agents lawyers real estate lawyers can tell you how many tax people mortgage people stocks bonds mutual

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