How Car Insurance works in United State

hey what’s up guys today i will talk about insurance especially auto insurance and car insurance so let’s start it actually guys insurance provide us some special things as like security safety coverage with confidence also protection and help so guys question is that what is auto insurance so auto insurance actually protects you

against financial loss if you have an incident it is a contract between you and insurance company as like some special and famous companies you agree to pay the premium and insurance company agrees to pay your losses as defined in your policy so terms and conditions are really

important when you sign on your assignments guys please be noted according to a recent survey report a car accident happens every 18 seconds in the united states countries even the most careful drivers can find themselves involved in one you cannot predict the future but you can be prepared with auto

insurance for the vehicles in your household okay guys it was about auto insurance so let’s start it to know that about car insurance actually a car insurance is the policy in which you cover your car against a financial losses that you face

in case of accident or thief of car you may pay a certain amount as a premium to the insurance company to buy this cover and they agree to pay for accidental damages and threat losses as per i rda actually irda means that insurance regularity and development authority it

is a moderate for any vehicle running on the road to be covered under an active car insurance policy so this is a car insurance policy okay now i will tell you about the different types of car insurance if you are a shopping for auto coverage you know the different types of auto insurance and their coverage is an important step in getting the policy that’s

right for you here are a few of the basic car insurance types how they work and what they cover okay let’s go for a liability coverage it’s a first type of car insurance policy and liability coverage is required in most u.s states and nowadays as a legal requirement to car drive a car actually liability insurance may help covers damages

of oranges and property damages to other for which you become legally responsible resulting from a covered accident so let’s go for second type of car insurance which is collision insurance collision insurance may cover damage to your car after an accident involving another vehicle and may help to repair or replace a cover

vehicle and let’s go for a third type of car insurance comprehensive insurance comprehensive insurance can provide an extra level of coverage in the instance of an accident involving another vehicle it may help pay for damage to your car due to accidents incidents besides

collisions including certain weather events and accidents with animals i think it’s a really good for all poor man’s and required and needed man okay now i am going to talk about some special thing of car insurance classic car insurance classical insurance provides a specialized coverage designed for the unique needs

of vantage and classic car collectors find out if classic car insurance is right for you if you don’t currently have auto insurance it’s a crucial to get coverage as soon as possible get a free request for the types of car insurance listed above so you are protected from the unexpected so guys this is our auto car

insurance and auto insurance all types i have discussed with you i hope you will be like this video and get the subscribe my channel take care guys and goodbye

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