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funds people especially downtown here in Chicago you know this is known as the second city there’s the chicago board of trade and the chicago mercantile exchanges  i can’t tell you what i’ve witnessed here in the last just fit not 20 years just the last 50 years was the first

20 the first five years of my career was everything was great everything was going great it was the bull market of the early 2000s late 90s early 2000s and then the dot-com bubble hit and it took three four years later for everybody to start getting laid off well the market’s corrected banks

started laying people off real estate change shifted all these different things by the way i’m not saying not to get real estate i’m not saying not to get stocks by new media funds i’m not saying don’t put your money inside foreign all i’m saying is this

build your house on the first financial brick which should be insurance risk management plan for the worst but expect the best now let’s break it down here are two styles two styles of life insurance two styles of life insurance when you rent and when you own let’s talk about the one you rent

which is called temporary life insurance is temporary in these styles term insurance for a certain term   10-year term 20-year term 30-year term cheap premium large death benefit that’s one that a lot of people commonly

see i’m going to get the least amount of life insurance obviously the least amount of premium for the maximum amount of life insurance and that’s their policy right another style return of premium so if nothing happens to you you keep the police pay monthly premium monthly premium you have let’s say a hundred thousand

dollar policy a 500 000 policy you put 25 bucks into it 50 bucks into it nothing happens to you you pay a little bit more for this style though nothing happens to you guess what you get all your money back r o p return of premium you know so if you are either holding a policy or thinking about purchasing a policy  sk your agent do i have one of these two styles

because i’ll tell you this a lot of agents don’t offer the second one i don’t know why they just offered the first one third one group life where do you get group life term insurance policy through your job so people say oh i got enough insurance work through my job

i remember i was in marine corp I mentioned the last uh the last episode that the the the the marines uh uh brought us down down to the ship’s library to sign our wheels and trusts and to sign for sgli insurance servicemen’s group life insurance we pay like 15 to 20 bucks a month for it 20 50 000 life insurance

but as soon as as soon as i left the military as soon as i left the marine corps as soon as i left my employer guess what happened to that group policy since i’m no longer part of that group that policy terminated it did convert into vgli veterans group life insurance and guess what happened to my premiums since i’m

no longer part of the group boom remember the staff sergeant he’s doing the numbers he’s going to calculate his calculating if i want to keep my life insurance policy that i paid on to the military and convert it to a f a a v life insurance doing the math i remember talking french guy French accent he was part of our flight equipment he would issue us our helmets

and uh in our in our vests in case you know we were to crash at sea then the vest wouldn’t fly anyway that’s what his job his job at flight equipment and he was doing the math he said hey excuse me you’re telling me because it’s our transition class to get out of the military it’s called

the taps class all the veterans watching this have you been through tabs class by the way for all the veterans watching this what education did they teach you about money when you leave the military do they give you a class when you’re leaving the military or did they give your class in boot camp i’m interested what you guys got to say

because i got my class about finances about financial planning and insurance when i was leaving the marine corps i should have got that education at the beginning of my career anyway i’m glad what you guys put put in the comment section below any military guys veterans are watching this video anyway they’re filling out

our forms he goes uh excuse me pretty soon if i stay with this vgli i’m probably going to pay 250 000 just to get 250 000 doesn’t make sense so it made sense for him to get his own policy outside the group and get himself a pr policy privately between him and the insurance company not him the employer and the insurance company no

it’s between him the individual with directly through the insurance company most likely through an agent okay and by the way you think you can find an agent these days here’s a sad reality a lot of insurance agents today sad part about it are no longer entering the field a lot of insurance agents today are no

longer entering this industry even more importantly not a lot of life insurance agents today are going to be aware of some of the things i’m going to share  with you in this video because they’re not getting trained the right way because there’s no such very rare are agents getting professional training in life insurance strategies they say okay

let me get you a quote let me get you on the phone let me get you a call blah blah blah but they don’t have a financial use or financial planning use of how to use life insurance to actually create and build and grow in a state and i’m glad that

you’re watching this video okay so let’s go over to the next style so if you say man i don’t want to rent I want to own okay let’s talk about the styles that you own so here’s the styles that you own it’s called permanent policies you know oftentimes people get caught up in calling it permanent policies whole life

no no there’s more than just whole life but the first style of life insurance had been whole life okay uh  back back in uh back in the early 1800’s the first style of life insurance policies were actually created by presbyterian pastors the the the the ministries would go over and they

started insuring pastors coming over from overseas the first style of life insurance was right here right to bring pastors the presbyterian life to bring pastors over here safely if they didn’t come over here and save passage boom they pay a benefit to the church the next style of life insurance outside of whole life then became

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