US LIFE life insurance company review

Quotacy is an independent life insurance broker. This means we have the ability to sell policies from multiple life insurance companies giving you more options. Today we’re going to give a review of a U.S. Life, one of the life insurance companies we work with. U.S. Life is the name AIG writes business through in the state of New York.

It’s an American headquartered company that has been around since 1919. Overall, U.S. Life excels at competitive pricing and they’re eco-friendly. We love their paperless process from start to finish. Quotacy only works with top rated life insurance companies which means they are rated A or better.

And U.S. Life is no exception. Being A rated or better means the company is financially secure so you won’t have to worry about your policy’s death benefit not being paid. To stand out in the competitive life insurance industry some companies cater to different health or lifestyle niches.

U.S. Life is excellent for applicants with depression and anxiety, foreign nationals and travel, and those with sleep apnea. This means that while some companies may see these particular factors as higher risk than normal U.S. Life is a bit more lenient. Let’s talk about what we like in regards to U.S. Life’s policies and buying process. U.S. Life is really flexible with their term length options.

Most companies offer the typical 10, 20, and 30 year terms. However, U.S. Life’s Select-a-Term product offers not only 10, 20, and 30 but any term length between 15 and 30 and a 35-year term. The smallest amount of term life insurance you can purchase through a U.S. Life term policy is $100,000.

Which is pretty standard. Depending on the life insurance product there will be different policy riders available. Life insurance policy riders are additional benefits you can add on to your policy at the time of purchase. U.S. Life’s Select-a-Term policy offers an accelerated death benefit rider, a premium waiver for disability rider, an accidental death benefit rider, and a child rider.

Let’s break these down. An accelerated benefit rider, also known as a terminal illness rider, is included in U.S. Life term policies at no charge. This rider gives you access to a portion of your policy’s death benefit if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness resulting in 24 months or less to live.

An accidental death benefit rider is available on U.S. Life term policies for an additional cost. With this rider, your policy’s beneficiary will receive an increased death benefit if you were to die due to an accident. This rider is a popular add-on for applicants who

perhaps have a dangerous job or participate in risky hobbies. A premium waiver for disability rider is available on U.S. Life term policies for an additional cost as well. With this rider, U.S. Life will waive your premium payments during a period of total disability lasting six consecutive months or more.

A child rider is available on U.S. Life term policies for an additional cost. For as little as $50 per year, a child rider provides life insurance coverage on all of your children less than 18 years of age. It also would include any future children you may have or adopt. Options range from $10,000 to $25,000 in coverage per child.

If you’re looking for life insurance, U.S. Life is a good option. If you suffer from depression or anxiety, sleep apnea, or travel to foreign countries often, then U.S. Life is a great option. When you apply through Quotacy, we’ll review your application to double-check that you’ve chosen to apply with a company

that will give you the most favorable outcome. The final choice is of course 100 percent your decision. We simply aim to be completely transparent and make sure you know all of your options. If you’re interested in any of the riders we mentioned, let your Quotacy agent know after you apply. They’ll let you know the exact cost of any rider you want to purchase

and can add it to your policy during the buying process. Quotacy can help you get life insurance from U.S. Life or any of the other top-rated life insurance companies we work with. And why should you get life insurance through Quotacy? Our agents are licensed in all 50 states and they work on salary, not commission,

so we’ll never try and upsell you. We work for you, not the insurance companies. You won’t pay any extra fees or charges to use our services. Get a free instant term life insurance quote now from multiple top-rated life insurance companies without giving away any contact information. Thanks for watching. Bye!


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